Tuesday, July 16, 2013

G is for Good Friends

TG has been my friend since we met at work. Until he was hired, I was the newest person in the office. He looked so lost and alone when he arrived. He was standing all alone, looking out the back door of the office, holding the big coffee mug that I used to use when I was Joan's assistant. Now he was her assistant. I missed working with Joan, but knew TG was in good hands.

I was on my way upstairs to the kitchen to get some coffee when I saw him standing alone and looking forlorn. I walked up to him, put out my hand and introduced myself, welcoming him to our little 'family'. He seemed surprised that someone would speak to him, although I'd been hearing people talk about him. Villanova grad, probably wouldn't stay, single, good looking - you know - cat talk. I just hadn't met him yet. 

On Saturday night we were talking by text and he says, "You know, we met 15 years ago today." It still surprises me that he remembers the date we met, the date I introduced myself to him. It surprises me to be so important to someone that the date of our meeting is an anniversary. So, I wished him Happy Anniversary. It felt good. It still does.

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