Monday, June 24, 2013

Texas Mom Gets Over on Robber, Protects Her Children

Dorothy Baker-Flugence became a hero to me on Friday when she was able to defeat a man who had managed to get into her minivan to rob her when she returned to it. With knife in hand, he demanded that she give him $200 cash or he would hurt her children. She decided he deserved more. So, she drove straight into a telephone pole knowing that she and her children were safely buckled in, but the robber wasn't.

It worked! He flew from the back of the van to the front of the van where she was able to take the knife away from him and began beating on him until he jumped from the van and began running. She chased him in the van to stop him until police arrived (she had dialed 911 on her cell phone when he wasn't looking), but accidentally ran him over with the van. He was injured but the police, and Dorothy, got their man. He had been previously convicted of rape back in the 70s, so violence wasn't foreign to him.

I remember seeing that scene in a movie, where the hero is driving, puts his seatbelt on and accelerates into a wall. The bad guy, who mocked him for putting his seatbelt on, didn't have a seatbelt on and went flying and our hero took control. Does anyone remember what movie that was?? I'm thinking a Bruce Willis movie, but I'm also getting Michael Keaton, Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood images running through my head. Anyone???

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