Sunday, June 23, 2013

Full Transcript Proves Obama Did Not Orchestrate IRS Reviews of Non-Profits

Darrell Issa, Republican Chair of the House Oversight Committee, has regularly claimed that the White House orchestrated the "targeted" reviews of Tea Party groups who were requesting non-profit status. To bolster his claims, he released excerpts from the transcripts of the interviews done with the people involved with the so-called targeting. However, when challenged by a fellow HOC member who happens to be Democrat to release the entire transcript, Issa refused. Repeatedly.

Elijah Cummings warned Issa that if he did not release the entire transcript, which would prove he had lied to the media and the world about what had taken place, telling him that if he did not release the transcript within a week, then he, Cummings, would release it himself. And, that is what happened.

The transcript clearly shows that those involved in the non-profit reviews did NOT receive orders from the White House, that they were decided locally, and that the person who approved expanding the reviews of these "political" non-profits was actually a Conservative Republican who plainly stated that the idea began in their office and nowhere else. On top of that, it was learned that the Tea Party constituted only ONE THIRD of those non-profits reviewed!

What triggered the original investigation was the admission on a non-profit application that the group planned political activities, which is not permitted by IRS regulations. They are to be involved in Social Welfare, not Politics. The manager who expanded the reviews did so in order to prevent the impression that the one group was targeted. But, as we can all see, people like Darrell Issa think that creating controversy is part of their job description instead of the business of enacting laws and helping our country's economy grow.

Issa, an elected official, violated his oath of office when he deliberately lied to American citizens in an effort to undermine the presidency. The man should be immediately removed from office. 

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