Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dreams that are So Real

I woke up from a nap yesterday afternoon where I was dreaming a very real (to me) dream. I had to tell myself when I came to that I was dreaming, but I think the dream was telling me something. CUT THE GRASS!!!

Anyway, in the dream, I could hear a lawnmower. I walked into the kitchen and saw someone go by our kitchen window, so I hurried to the back door thinking, OH NO! The city has come and now I'll be in trouble having to pay them. But, when I opened the back door, there was a black tortoise-shell cat sitting just outside the door. When I stepped out, there were two men on Segways mowing my neighbor's lawn. Our grass needed to be cut, but there were two tires in the yard out of which were growing wild flowers. 

Then I saw my Chloe cat in the grass meowing at me urgently. I hurried over to her and spotted two kittens in boxes. I turned around and there were more kittens up by the back door sitting where their mama had just been sitting. I looked all over trying to figure out how Chloe got out of the house when I saw the black chair from our living room sitting in the yard and some other furniture also. I remember thinking, why the hell did Deb put this stuff out here?

When another chair, a recliner, suddenly appeared propped up on top of the black chair, it all started to vanish and then I woke up. That's how real that dream was - even now, more than 30 minutes after waking up, I can remember those details. And, THIS is why, my friends, I will NEVER do drugs!!! 

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