Monday, May 21, 2012

Someone with whom you shared a friendship that simply drifted out of your life.

When I first moved to Utah, I only knew one person in Salt Lake City. Since she was married and had just had her first child, I couldn't stay with them indefinitely, so I had to find an apartment for myself. I ended up sharing an apartment with three others who were looking for fourth to split the rent. I immediately hit it off with Amy. 

We had a blast together. We were both from "back east" - she from Ohio and me from New Jersey. When her mother would come to visit, we'd all go together to see the sights. Her mother wanted so bad to see the Osmonds, so we drove to Orem and we joined them in their services. Her mother was just thrilled.

Cascade Springs in Autumn (
We'd take rides into the canyons to see things we'd heard about but hadn't seen while singing Rocky Mountain High at the top of our lungs. We saw Robert Redford's Sundance ranch and an absolutely beautiful natural spring called Cascade Springs where the water bubbles to the surface and naturally cascades down the terraced rocks to form a stream farther down the mountain. You can't imagine how it looks in Spring.

We eventually moved out of the one apartment into one we shared together because of some differences of opinion between her and the other two girls. We totally enjoyed being roommates and had many mutual interests. 

Amy began dating a young man steadily and I was dating his brother. Within a few months, she was engaged and ready to move out into an apartment of her own. I panicked because I couldn't afford to pay the rent on my own and was a little surprised that she would just
Our apartment directly above pool, right bldg.
leave me with the lease like that. She did eventually find a basement apartment in a converted house that happened to have a vacancy on the first floor. I also moved. But, things weren't the same. In less 

than a year after meeting David, Amy was engaged, married and pregnant. I have to admit to feeling betrayed at the time because I sure wasn't ready to lose a friend to married life. Little by little, the split between us became wider until she and David moved out and I never learned where. 

I recently reconnected with her via Facebook. I was able to located one of her children who put me in contact with Amy. She divorced David and is remarried. She has good
The House into which we moved
memories of our being roommates as do I, but that "connection" we once had just isn't there. I know we all grow up, but we had a kind of friendship I'd never had before or since. We were more like family than friends. I will always have good memories of those years.

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