Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 04: Something that is part of my routine that I enjoy.

I'm not much of a scheduler. I don't do breakfast at 6, lunch at 12, dinner at 5 like my mother used to. I don't have set days of the week to do laundry or dishes or vacuuming like others I know. I'm more a "do it when I do it" kind of person (probably related to my deep set habit of procrastinating). But, there are things I do pretty much every day (when I remember them) that I enjoy.

Because I'm not a regular television watcher, I never remember what days of the week the shows I like are on, not even the ones that run Monday through Friday. But, every day at 1PM, The Chew comes on and I do like watching it when I remember to. Since I'm a foodie and there are two Iron Chefs on board who are not following a scripted show, I enjoy it because you get to see a bit more of their personalities outside their usual confines.

I also go online every day. I used to be on all the time, rarely closing my computer to take a breather, but there are days now that I don't even remember to check my email until the afternoon. I play games on Facebook every day (Lexulous and Words with Friends), check for blog comments, check for spam, check IN spam (for good emails), post commentary on SideTick and answer personal email.

Finally, because we have three cats, I feed them, love them, get followed by them wherever I go in the house, and talk to them. I love our furry ladies!

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