Monday, July 22, 2013

L is for Liked Me But Said I Did What??

This post was written in response to something that happened to me on

Someone else's bubble gave me the idea for this next letter of the A to Z Challenge. They were upset that someone took it upon themselves to tell them that they didn't mean to say something the way they said it, but actually should have said it some other way (at least, that's how I understood the article's meaning).

In my case, I had someone like my bubble, but in the comment they said they'd liked my article EVEN THOUGH I HADN'T WRITTEN IT!! Um...WHAT??? I've written every single article I've posted, whether just for Bubblews or previously for Blogger, the writing is ALL mine!

I asked them directly which article they believed wasn't written by me. I connected with them and reiterated that request. I have yet to see an explanation on what about my article (or articles) they believed I hadn't written and what was their proof that I hadn't written it. Yes, I initially didn't put the URL linking back to my Blogger post because it just didn't occur to me, but I also figured that since my name there and here are identical, it wouldn't be overly difficult to see that I was using my own works.

I've gone in to several of my posts and have added links or disclaimers about having published the article earlier on Blogger and I may have missed a few - it got boring just doing that continually. But, eventually, all my articles will be so marked that were brought over from Blogger. And, the articles from here that I have also posted on Blogger are also noted there.

So, there are times when people say things to you that catch you wrong, that push buttons of annoyance. I am still connected to this person, read their articles, make comments where I'm inclined and like what they write; but, I would still like to know what provoked them to tell me that they liked my article even though I didn't write it. If that were true, why in the world would you like it???? And, why won't you explain what you said?

I will not identify this person because public humiliation is not my goal. But, if anyone else is so inclined to do the same thing, whether to me or to someone else, please have the courtesy to explain why you believe that.

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