Tuesday, July 23, 2013

M is for Meatloaf - FIESTA MEATLOAF

I decided to tell you about this meatloaf. I'm a meatloaf fan, for sure. I especially like it cold for sandwiches. But, when my daughter made this meatloaf a few years back, I was skeptical and expected a totally different flavor than what it turned out to have.

No lie - this was DELICIOUS!! At the time, I wasn't a fan of black olives. But, they added fantastic flavor to this. And, don't freak out about the green chiles - the ones in those little 4 oz cans are so mild, and when you also have green peppers in there, their taste is pretty much not noticeable. The salsa adds that tomato-ey goodness we often like in meatloaf as well as onions and moisture. This is seriously good meatloaf.

I am thinking that when I finally get to the grocery, I'll be buying some black olives and green chiles. It might just be time to revisit this one!

Do you like meatloaf? Do you do anything out of the ordinary with yours?

First published to Bubblews.com before posting here. Photo is from a website full of ethnic recipes, this being one of them. recipesethnicfoods.com/fiesta-meatloaf-recipe/.

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