Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Interview with Bubblews Administrator Avi Dixit

I know that some questions have been asked by others, but I will try to make them as unique as possible. Please identify which of you is answering which question.

1) Why did you decide to create Bubblews?

We decided to create Bubblews because we felt that that the ideology behind Social Networks is not in favor of the content producers, the people who build up their enormous communities and willingly give them their thoughts and viewership without being compensated for it. What Bubblews is trying to do is very bold, but when we are successful, we will have completely changed the internet and what people originally thought was possible. In order to innovate, you have to be willing to be misunderstood. 

2) What is it about Bubblews that makes it so very different from all other previous "paid to write" sites?

We don't like to view ourselves as a 'paid-to-write' website, but more of a brand, that is socially responsible. We are trying to create social products that always keep people in the forefront and social engagement as a top priority. We are different because we allow anyone from any part of the world (as long as they can write/read English) to come to our website and be treated the same as everyone else. We believe in a fair playground and depending on how interesting the content you produce, dictates how successful you are in developing your voice into a brand through our platform.

3) Why are you able to pay out more than others? Don't you have overhead costs?

Yes, of course, just like any business we have overhead costs, however we try to keep our company as lean as possible so that we can compensate people way more than any other website out there. We are the ones that are trying to break the mold for digital online advertisement and how they treat people all around the world. Bubblews really is on a mission to change the world and the internet, forever. 

4) You say you split revenues 50/50. Does that really leave you enough money to cover costs AND make money?

Bubblews currently gives 100% of advertisement revenue back to our members. Meaning, anything that we make off of a member, we return back to the member. Bubblews main short-term goals are not profit but to be bold enough to cause a big enough splash to ensure that we can re-shape the internet to intertwine with our bright , overall vision. 

5) Were you ever participants in any writing site before creating this one? How about any other "pay to" site? You seem to understand how little is gained with them.

No, we were never involved with any paid-to-write websites, because as I have stated before we do not view ourselves as a pay-for-article website. We are a social blogging network that allows people to mingle and do what they already do on the internet, but be compensated for that energy, thoughts and expierences that they chose to share with the world. There is enough outlets for professional writers, and while we have many professional writers on our website, members of our community understand that we are more of a social network. 

6) What did you have to do to start Bubblews with reference to hardware, advertisers, etc.? In other words, how did it actually come together?

Whenever you have an idea as an Entrepreneur, those who actually do and those that don't make the biggest difference. You have to be willing to just submerge yourself in an idea and make sure that you continually make it work. Passion and drive is what makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs. Usually when you are misunderstood it means that you are innovating. Nothing is every perfect the first time around. Ernest Hemingway once said, 'The first draft of everything is shit.' We believe we have only just started to scratch the surface of what we can do. 

7) Do you only read Bubbles when analyzing problems or do you read them for pleasure, too?

When we first started Bubblews we had more time to be able to read and communicate with the community. However, now we are really focusing on building the business and making our member support more seamless. With that said, we do make sure that we still take some time every day to interact with our members. Most of our passion and drive comes from the nice things we read from our members about us. 

8) Have you had any Bubbles that stood out for you? What attracted you to them and why are they memorable?

Yes. There are a lot of bubbles about how Bubblews is literally changing their lives. Times are hard for a lot of people out there and rather than making more of the tech leaders money, we decided that people need a place that they feel safe and are not being taken advantage of. 

9) Speaking of Bubbles - just where did the name BUBBLEWS come from?

The world bubblews comes from the words 'bubble' and 'news.' Bubble in the sense that they are a lot like thoughts; they grow, shrink, pop, merge and float around, much like they do in our own brains. The word news was chosen, not in the sense of the way Journalists treat news, but more of what is new to you? What is new in your life? That is what we care about. 


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Thank you very much for the opportunity to ask the questions that so many others are thinking!

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