Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dumb Criminals - Gotta Love Them

I read an article on our local ABC news channel's website that made me laugh. And, the reason I said you "gotta love them" with regard to dumb criminals is because they're so easily caught!

These two guys decided that breaking in to the local Sunoco gas station store would be a good idea. And, sure, maybe since there weren't many cars on the road at that time since we were in the midst of another of our snows, sounded like a good idea and one that would leave little chance of being witnessed committing the crime, these doofuses failed to realize that the snow on the ground, the same snow that kept traffic off the roads, would allow their footprints to be visible. So visible, in fact, that police were able to follow them back to the very house they'd taken everything they stole!!!

So, way to go, you two!!! You just made law enforcement's crime solving a piece of cake!! D'OH!

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