Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Domestic Violence and the Criminal Justice System

Law enforcement agencies throughout the nation are seeing an increase of domestic violence calls that they say is directly related to the decline in the economy. Fifty-six percent of the responding agencies to the national survey say that, although domestic violence is not a separate category, the economy is causing an increase in responses to domestic violence calls. This doesn’t always mean charges are filed.

I can actually see how this could be. Stressful times cause tension and how people respond to tension varies. Unfortunately, some strike out at those closest to them. One of the most tension causing situations is when money is tight and things don’t seem to be improving. All too often, people begin to blame one another instead of the economic situation beyond their control.

This definitely affects the criminal justice system because there will eventually be arrests, injuries, protection orders, and time spent behind bars. It might not happen in every situation, but if the pressures aren’t diffused during the first few calls, they are likely to escalate into levels of violence that are damaging to the physical and psychological well-being of those involved, particularly children. The mere fact that police have to be called, even if charges aren’t filed, means that the law enforcement stage of criminal justice has been engaged.

This essay was drawn from information found in the following news article:

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