Wednesday, February 19, 2014

52 Week Ancestor Challenge - Jesse Chew

I found another Bubbler was doing a weekly post for something called the "52 Week Ancestor Challenge" and, since I've been working on my family history since 1974, I just knew I had to take that challenge as well. Here is my first week's post, some four weeks later than the original challenge began. But, I will catch up.

JESSE CHEW (1738 - 1812)

Jesse Chew was my 6th great grandfather. He was born 25 November 1738 and, at the time of the Revolutionary War, was considered a Loyalist. Jesse was the 3rd great grandson of John Chew who emigrated to the America Colonies from Whalley Parish, Lancashire, England in the early 1600s to James City, Virginia. John's son John moved to Long Island where he met and married Ann Gates. Their son Richard was born on Long Island but eventually moved to Gloucester County, New Jersey where the family has remained.

There is a story told of Jesse that I have always found humorous. How much truth there is in the details depends on how accurately it was passed down through the generations, but the date of the event was recorded in the Quaker Meetinghouse records in Woodbury, NJ. On January 3, 1800, Jesse, a Methodist minister of some renown, interrupted a service of the Quakers to preach to them the errors of their ways. These peace-loving Quakers summarily removed Jesse from their service bodily and locked the doors to prevent his return.

Jesse died 26 January 1812 and is buried in the family cemetery within 100 yards of the home that he built.

The house you see in the photo is Jesse's home built in 1772 of Jersey Sandstone. It is in good condition with all original hardware in place as well as the original fireplaces. It is currently a private home, but they do occasionally rent out the carriage house on the property. This house is located 1.7 driving miles (probably closer to a mile as the crow flies) from the house where I grew up and is in the same township.

Jesse was only one of many Methodist ministers in my family, most of them on my father's side of my family.

Photo credit - This is an image of a place or building that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the United States of America. Its reference number is 72000797. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

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