Friday, August 30, 2013

Help!! Who are these artists?? Does anyone recognize them?

I am trying to help my ex-husband who lives in Utah, find out about the artists who painted the works of art you see here. He believes that these works are good enough quality that they may have some value. But, only one is someone we have been able to find and even that one has brought up a question in my mind.

If any of you has studied fine art or collects fine art and knows anything about contemporary fine artists, I sure would appreciate a helping hand. Let me go through these one by one to explain them.

 The first one is the only image I have of the painting. The signature simply says "GARO". It appears to be a landscape. There are apparently multiple artists named Garo, but I've only eliminated one of them. He is Japanese and his artistic styling is completely different.

Brunatti Gallery Registry

Brunatti Oil Painting - Looks like Italy coast
 Next is Brunatti. I love this one. Personally, I believe that this was done by a woman who passed just a year ago at the age of 101. She was a devout Catholic whose parents came from Italy. She lived all her life in Utah. The woman I think painted this was an accomplished accordion player, the first professional female accordion player in the West. But, she was also an accomplished oil painter and did display her works in various galleries. So far, none have responded to my inquiries, so I still don't know if this is her or not. The gallery inventory is still on the back and is pictured here.
Nelson signature

Nelson Ranch landscape

Second Nelson Ranch landscape
Next is an artist named Nelson. I believe that this is a man who is known in the Nevada gallery scene as a western landscape artist. But, as before, no one can confirm that these are his paintings or that this is his signature. Both landscapes of ranches are his.

Sullivan Watercolor - signature bottom right
Then there is a watercolor signed by N. Sullivan. I have found more than one N. Sullivan and one of them has a similar signature, but this one is all capital letters and that one only has the first letter capitalized. That is another one without response to my inquiries.

Raymond Naha Acrylic on Board

Raymond Naha painting Gallery Registry
Finally, there is my other favorite done by Raymond Naha. Now, we can easily find information on this artist. My ex was told that this was done by the Raymond Naha, a Hopi painter, who died in 1974. But, you'll notice on the gallery inventory, the date is 10-01. That's quite a few years after his death, but it isn't impossible since galleries in New Mexico still do show his work. However, he also has a son named Ray Naha who also does painting of acrylic on board, like this one, even though he primarily carves intricate Kachinas. Is this the deceased Naha's work or the son? Their signatures are very much alike, but to me, this signature looks more like Junior than Senior.

I would love it if someone could identify any of these artists definitively. Yeah - maybe my odds are long that someone here can do that, but we all have different kinds of hobbies and there could very well be an expert on contemporary American artists here on Blogger. So does anyone here recognize any of these artists? Do you know someone who might that you could share this with?

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