Monday, July 29, 2013

R is for Racism

I hate racism with every fiber of my being!! Perhaps I shouldn't use the word"hate" considering racism is a form of hate. But racism is a cancer on the world. It's first cousin, bigotry, shares many of its characteristics. A primary characteristic is fear of others who are different. They look different, so they become the objects of hate. They sound different, so they become the objects of hate. They wear "funny" clothes, speak a different language, eat their food differently - even eat different food. No matter what it is, that "difference" marks them for hate in the eyes of those who fear.

I can't think of any one human characteristic that I despise more than this one. We are HUMANS!! It doesn't matter what color our skin is, what religion we believe, what nationality we are, whether we're born with a perfect body or a birth defect.....we are HUMANS!! We breathe the same air. We bleed the same blood. Our bodily functions are identical. We get pregnant the same way, babies develop the same way, we're all born naked, we fall in love, we laugh, we sing, we play, we have injuries, we develop illness, we die. ALL THE SAME!!!

I wish to God I could wipe this human flaw from the face of the earth! There is nothing more vile or debasing than hating someone because of their mere existence. It makes me want to just scream!!

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