Friday, July 26, 2013

P is for Pickles

I don't like pickles. There was a time, when I was a little girl, that I would eat them, but only the centers of the slices, leaving the rind ring behind. I don't know why. I also used to suck the pimento out of olives, but never eat the olive. Don't do that anymore, either. Won't eat either one (black olives are ok, though). Things change, tastes change, new ways of approaching those things are introduced into one's life. That is what this post is about.

I bought meat yesterday in order to make German Rouladen. It is thin sliced beef (often pounded thin to tenderize) that is spread with stone ground mustard and then rolled around a center of onions, a pickle spear and bacon. I still won't eat pickles, but I've had rouladen and thoroughly enjoy it. Even my daughter ate it and she hates anything with vinegar in it.

The image I chose is of pickles sliced lengthwise. I'm thinking of using them for this recipe rather than a thick spear (1/4 of a pickle). That's what I used before and it gave the meat the bite it needed without being overwhelmingly "pickle-y". I mean, the beef is the dominant ingredient, right? All these other ingredients should enhance the meat, not compete with it.

That's the plan anyway, although I have a backup plan waiting. If I can't get to the store to get these pickle slices, I have pickle relish that I can spread with the mustard instead. That might even work better since I won't have much leftover to have to find a use for. It's a small jar.

My mother liked to put vinegar into her chili and on her green beans. I'm going to have to look the chili one up to see if it was a personal flavor discovery of hers or if it's maybe a regional or ethnic option that I never knew about. I just knew that when we'd have chili, the vinegar cruet had to be on the table. She was the only one who used it.

So, do you like pickles? Or anything that is pickled? I actually do like three bean salad which is kidney beans, green beans and yellow beans that have been pickled. I like it with my lettuce salad. And, I like fried pickles. That surprised me when I learned that - but the frying really takes over that sour pickle taste that I dislike so much. I even like vinegar on my fish and chips (or any fried fish). That's another thing that changed as I matured.

Credit for the photo goes to Kudos Kitchen By Renee. I needed the perfect photo of the pickles I wanted to use and her blog had it. I've included her link because what she does is make a rather tasty looking oven-fried pickle with those slices, so if you are interested in trying it, you'll find her recipe and instructions by clicking on the link in this paragraph.

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