Tuesday, July 30, 2013


When I wrote this, we were right in the midst of a "severe thunderstorm". I hate these things!! The cats heard it before I did. They were not really happy about it, but they deal better than I do. When I got a storm warning from Weather Channel, I knew it wa an ugly one. The kind that's one lightning strike after another with rolling thunder. 

It figured because I finally got the TV back in working order (I remembered I had to plug the audio and video cables back into the digital antenna after taking them out of the DVD player). Even though I should have unplugged it, I hate being alone in these storms, so it gave me other people to listen to. It didn't feel like it was just me.

I was concerned for my daughter, though. She had to work at her second job. She's a valet for a reception center. So, she was parking cars and running to retrieve them when the festivities were over - whether it was raining or not. I hate thinking of her out in this kind of storm and being so vulnerable in an expansive parking lot. Not that she's a child any longer, but she's still MY child.

The image is from Wikimedia Commons and is very much like our lightning is right now (although since I started typing, it seems to be moving farther away.)

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