Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My daughter had a root canal done yesterday

My daughter has been on the miserable side lately. You know the kind of mood I mean - where no matter how you try to say anything to the person, they snap at you for daring to interrupt their life cycle. I knew she'd been having cramps and I knew she's stressed about finances, but I didn't know she had a toothache so bad that the dentist said she'd need a root canal. 

She finally admitted having a toothache Monday. She asked if my friend could print her insurance forms because she forgot hers at work and had a dentist appointment Tuesday before work. I don't think she'd have told me if she hadn't forgotten the forms, to be honest. She holds so much inside herself.

So, yesterday morning was her appointment and her dentist told her she had an infected tooth AND jaw, needed a root canal and crowns on several teeth. She then told me they were going to do the root canal that afternoon. HUH? Dentists don't like to work on teeth while they are still infected. I believe it's because they don't want to risk spreading the infection, but I'm not sure. Well, she managed to convince them to do the root canal later that day instead of making her wait several days. She picked up her antibiotics and began taking them, but she was at the dentist right now and, I'm sure, in the chair being prepped when I began writing this yesterday.

When I needed a root canal, it was the most painful thing I'd ever experienced. Nothing I took numbed the pain. But, there was no infection and I wasn't about to wait to have the root canal done as badly as it hurt. I told the dentist to just pull the tooth. LOL Pain gone!!! I loved it. But, I do need to get to the dentist as soon as I am insured again because all the teeth that had cavities for years are literally falling apart on me and the silver fillings are coming out one by one. Luckily, I have little to no pain, but I did have a couple of abscesses earlier this year. I'd like to avoid that. 

Still, as much pain as the dying tooth and the abscess were, I can't imagine what kind of pain my daughter's been in for the length of time it takes to infect her jaw, too. It does explain why she hasn't been eating much lately except ice pops and Cup-o-noodles. She never gives in to pain. I thought she had a migraine when all this time it was probably her dental infection. And, SHE has insurance! Plus, she's not afraid of seeing a dentist like her mother, so I'm surprised that it got as bad as it did.

So, by the time she got home last night, she was feeling much better than she had been. Her mood was so much better because of it. That was definitely a good thing for both of us!

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