Monday, February 17, 2014

Laura Ingraham thinks Supreme Justice Sonia Sotomayor is too focused on her "immigrant family background." Um....Sotomayor was born in the USA!!!

Did Laura Ingraham, a right-wing talk show host, seriously accuse Justice Sotomayor of being too focused on her "immigrant family background"? Precisely where did Ingraham's family come from? The bogs of Alabama? Because they sure as hell didn't get to this country without HER family background coming from somewhere else. So, why should HER family get better treatment than the families of others?

Since the only difference between Ingraham and Sotomayor is that Ingraham is paler than pale and Justice Sotomayor is not, I can only assume that is the basis for her reasoning. And, it is UGLY reasoning. It is DISGUSTING reasoning. It makes me ill just knowing there are people in this country of FREEDOM who hold so much hate for anyone who doesn't look like them or share their ethnicity. Like her, I am paler than pale, my ancestors having come from Sweden, Ireland, England, Germany and France. But, I was taught acceptance and non-judgmentalism by my parents. I was taught that we are ALL equal under the law. I was taught that we are all equal even without the law. The older I get, the more I appreciate that example my parents set for me. I wish they were still here to thank them.

And, as others have pointed out, Puerto Rico IS America! Its citizens are American citizens. They do not immigrate to the US from Puerto Rico. They are already IN the US. I love pseudo-intellectuals pretending to know anything while denying their bigotry.

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