Monday, February 24, 2014

What do you think the worst invention is?

For me, that would be Viagra!!! Of course, it wasn't created for the purpose it's currently sold for. It was just heavily marketed for that once they discovered the side "effects". And, the men I know who use it don't need it - they just use it to "enhance" what they already have. But, male doctors and the pharmaceutical marketing executives know this. However, the med itself has value for those who truly need it and it is also currently being used as a treatment for primary pulmonary hypertension because of its ability to increase blood flow.

Then, there are silicone implants and penis enlargements. Other than those who are virtually lacking in those departments, these kinds of things are mainly used to gain bragging rights, particularly men who love the phrase "hung like a horse". Seriously, is that really desirable? Wouldn't your pants fit poorly and your ability to walk be hindered in some way? As for the women, it's no walk in the park carrying the equivalent of two backpacks on the front while trying to maintain both a straight posture and straight shoulders. Why anyone would voluntarily choose that is beyond me.

What do you think?

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