Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fixing Things Around the House

So, I was on a mission a couple weekends ago. I was sick and tired of sitting on the dining room chairs and having the joints separate. I was also tired of using the toilet and sliding side to side because a hinge bolt is missing. So, I went out and bought wood glue and hinge bolts.

That Saturday night I put the bold in the toilet seat hinge and am happy again to not be going for a "ride" when using it. Why only one bolt? Because my daughter wanted to thoroughly clean the seat when she was on a cleaning binge, so she took it off the toilet and put it in the tub full of water and bleach. When she drained the tub, she didn't take the nylon bolts out first, so one of them went down the drain. Yeah. But, still...better one bolt than none, right?

As for the dining room chairs, my parents got them in the late 60s with the entire dining set. They were second hand even then, so I don't quite know how old they are. But, the glue in the joints has dried so much over the years that they are beginning to separate. I finally got some wood glue at the same time as I got the hinge bolts and glued one of the chairs on Thursday. It dried all day Friday and Saturday and is now back at its rightful place. The next day I worked on another one. I only wanted to do one at a time because they take up a lot of space upside down while they were drying, so it was just easier to deal with one at a time. We rarely eat at the dining table, so we were not being inconvenienced by doing them one at a time.

Photo credit - Some rights reserved by noricum ( As usual, I didn't think to take a pic until I was writing the post, so this is the best representation I could find of the kind of repair I had to make (and still have to make).

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