Friday, April 29, 2011

TGIBBF - Book Blurb Friday, April 29

Thanks to Lisa Ricard Claro for her hosting of TGIBBF (Thank God it’s Book Blurb Friday). We are to write a book blurb of 140 words or less appropriate for the book we imagine being behind this fake book jacket photo. My entry is below the photo.

A South Beach Body (a Kat Kimball Mystery)

Kat was thrilled about relocating to Florida. She was tired of the crime and seedy atmosphere that surrounded her in Philadelphia. Bodies were turning up everywhere. And the things people tried to take in their carry-on luggage! It had to be better somewhere else. So, when an opening was announced at Miami International for a TSA Security Checkpoint supervisor, she applied and was thrilled to be offered the transfer.

South Beach was definitely living up to her B-list requirements. You know: beach, body surfing, beautiful weather, bars, and a boardwalk. Unfortunately, there was another item on her B-list she hadn’t planned for or wanted. 

A body.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Succinctly Yours - April 25

Welcome to my second entry for Succinctly Yours. Here’s the pic we were to tell our story about in 140 words or less. I have managed to work in the special Word of the Week as well. I hope you like it.

Word Of The Week: quaint

Maxine couldn't believe the attention her new Brazilian butt lift was getting. Even the most standoffish bull was cattlecalling from the other pasture. She was happy she hadn't listened to those other cows and spent her milk money on a new cow bell to match the quaint new earrings she was wearing. "Eat my cud!" she thought as she pretended not to notice the bulls' newfound interest.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Book Blurb Friday - April 22

Every Thursday evening Lisa Ricard Claro posts a photo that we are to pretend is the cover of a book, along with her 150 words-or-less blurb to match. We are then invited to post the photo on our sites along with our own 150 words-or-less blurbs, and encouraged to leave our link in the Mr. Linky widget that will be available at the end of the blog.  A link from our sites back to hers would also be helpful to encourage readers to visit the other Book Blurb participants via Mr. Linky. 
Here is the "book cover" for today's Book Blurb Friday, courtesy of Sioux Roslawski.

A Night in the Art Museum

The night began as any other Scout outing would have: excited girls camping out, full of energy that needed tempering. For some, this was their first time away from home; for others, their first time in a big city. But, for all of them, it was simply an exciting adventure doing something they'd never done before. They were working on their “Art in 3-D” badge as a troop. The museum had given them exclusive access to the museum after hours. They would leave in the morning at opening. Now, though, it was time for sleep. Hard to do when the shadows of sculptures seemed to be everywhere.

When they awoke, it was to pandemonium. An extremely valuable piece of art was missing and the girls were sleeping in the room where it had been. Had they seen anything? Did they know anything? Were they suspect?

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Succinctly Yours - Another Writing Challenge (TUESDAY, APRIL 19, 2011)

I want to thank Grandma's Goulash for this newest of writing challenges (for me). It gives me a chance to step outside my comfort zone and, hopefully, fine tune my creativity. I'm enjoying the idea of microfiction, especially since I'd never heard of it until recently. I hope you like my little effort here.

Thomas Edison And Henry Ford

I'm telling you, Henry. The secret to a long and happy marriage is the same as making cars. Stick to one model!


Grandma's Goulash said...
Good one. Marriage and cars have gone the same way in the past years though, far too many makes and models!
SparkleFarkle said...
Glad I came back for another looksee around for your hidden microfiction, because your punny entry truly takes home this week's prize!
Lisa Ricard Claro said...
Hehehe...this is awesome! Great microfiction.
Susan Fobes said...
I like it(and it's good advice!)
Porky said...
Very clever - it got a laugh from me.
eyelift said...
I really like your effort. It is really sensible. This could be better idea. Thanks for sugegst this.

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Book Blurb Friday - April 15

My second entry into Book Blurb Friday's writing challenge - I hope you enjoy. (REVISED)

Photo Courtesy of Lynn Obermoeller
Copyright ©2009 Lynn Obermoeller. All Rights Reserved.

thunder in the sky

Polly Washburn Hanna had always known she was from hearty stock. Her family had survived malaria, yellow fever, the Revolution and now she had survived Cholera. What she had not known was that her husband was not of similar stock until Elijah succumbed to a disease she was not prepared for. 

Now she was alone. Elijah had passed just before their arrival at Ft. Kearny where he was buried. There were permanent settlers there now. But, their dream had been land in Oregon Territory; open land where they could begin their lives, raise children (and livestock, something she could not do in Boston), where fish and game were plentiful. It really was their dream. Unlike others Polly knew, her husband would talk to her about his hopes and dreams in life. He would ask for her opinion, something her mother and grandmother found astonishing. And Polly simply adored him. But now Elijah was gone. 


Sandra Davies said...
I have more than a suspicion this is over the 150 words, but I do like the historical background to this tale
SJerZGirl said...
I never counted, but I did have to make myself stop.
Linda O'Connell said...
This book sounds inviting. A ring of truth to the fact that two generations back men didn't ask women for their opinions. A good set up for a story that could go in any direction.
Sioux said...
Ths blurb IS well over 150 words, but revising and cutting it down to the limit would be a great writing exercise. That is what I like so much about this weekly activity: an initial blurb is written, and then the real work comes..tightening it up, making it more succinct.
Lynn said...
I never seem to be able to reach 150 words. I like that the setting is from long ago.
jabblog said...
This sounds a most interesting historical novel told through a woman's experiences. This is a woman who won't, can't give up the dream she shared.
Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...
I really enjoyed your story! That is sad that Elijah died, and I wonder what what she will choose to do? Thanks for the great blurb; my peeps came over via the Oregon Trail and I am always fascinated by these kinds of stories. You have 155 words, by the way. It is easy to find out, by either writing in Word or copying and pasting it into word when you are done ... which is what I did with your blurb and found out the count. Keep up the great work! Oh, I went ahead and added my first story onto my post for comparison, so if you get the chance to revisit me, I would love it. Kathy M.
Bookie said...
Like the historical element in this blurb.
SJerZGirl said...
Thank you all for your comments!
Tammy said...
I like the historical take to this book, too. And amazing how hard a tiny blurb can tug on those heartstrings! I want to find out what happens to hearty-but-heartbroken Polly.
Susan Fobes said...
I really enjoyed the historical aspect of this. It makes me kind of sad and wondering what will become of our heroine...
Jenners said...
Oh ... historical fiction. Well done! I like how you conveyed all the little things in so short a space.
Lisa Ricard Claro said...
Since I love historical fiction I'd definitely pull this from the shelf. It would appeal in today's market, too, with a strong female lead who needs to "make it in a man's world." Great blurb! Thank you so much for participating. Wendy, you asked about my cat, Bailey. She is not a Russian Blue, but she could certainly pass for one. She's an old girl, too, at 13. :)
liberal sprinkles said...
I like the historical angle, I think Polly will do very well. She has that strength from being of hearty stock after all. I'm rooting for her!

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A writing challenge I've decided to join. (SATURDAY, APRIL 9, 2011)

This challenge is hosted by Lisa Ricard Claro at ‘Writing in the Buff’.

Each week a photo is posted that pretends to be the cover of a book. The idea is to:
Write a book jacket blurb (150 words or less) so enticing that potential readers would feel compelled to buy the book. 

I have done just that. I hope you like it.

Photo copyright Sandra Davies

The Meetings

Ivan wondered what he should expect this time around. These meetings, which took place in various obscure parts of the city, were straight out of spy novels. Each time, he was given a new assignment and told to keep all information to himself. Each time, he was led to believe that his mission was of the utmost importance. So important that they couldn’t risk his knowing why he was assigned these tasks. So important that he didn’t even know who “they” were. Only his contact was known to him. 

So far, everything had seemed fairly benign. Deliver a letter to a diplomat at the embassy. Deliver flowers to an elegant (and alluring) woman staying in the penthouse at the St. Regis Grand Rome. Ride the Metro to the Villa Pamphili to pick up a car to drive to a specified address in Florence with a rail pass to return.

Yet, each delivery seemed a bit edgier. Each one seemingly more important, more secretive than the one before. The pay was good. Maybe too good. Maybe it was time to bow out. But, should he? Could he?


Sandra Davies said...
Wendy, this is such a solid beginning I sincerely hope you have the rest of the book already in mind - an excellent meaty blurb, and hard to believe it's your first! (Be warned - this challenge is immensely addictive!)
liberal sprinkles said...
NO he should plunge straight into the excitement and adventures of the job of course! I love this blurb, want to read more!
jabblog said...
Sometimes it's better to pass up the good money and opt for safety. Will he ever find the answers to his questions or will he come to a sticky end? Nail-biting stuff!
Lisa Ricard Claro said...
Intriguing! I love this. It sounds like the start to a Robert Ludlum novel where an everyman suddenly finds himself in a world of espionage. Well done! I'll look forward to reading your weekly blurbs. Thanks for coming by my blog and opting to follow and stay. I followed you back here. :) Nice to "meet" you!
Craig Edwards said...
Hello! Dropping in as a participant in the A - Z challenge - this seems like it could really go somewhere if you decide to pursue it. I think you should go for it! And to touch on your regular subject - I'm a fiend for a good pasta Carbonara!
Susan Fobes said...
This seems like it could be a real page turner-spies, clandestine meetings, love it!
Tony Payne said...
I have never thought of writing a book jacket blurb. This sounds like an interesting challenge. Thanks so much for the comment on my Fish & Chips post. We went out for a walk by the river yesterday and stopped at a pub on the way back and had a great Fish & Chips.
Ellie said...
No! We want him to continue and for you to write his story. Loved your blurb! Book Blurb Friday
Langley said...
Super start to what sounds like a fun challenge. Great stuff! I’m A-Z Blogging on Langley Writes about Writing and Langley’s Rich and Random Life
Lynn said...
Just like all the BBFs, the story sounds great and I want to read them (the books with more info) all!

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